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Oct. 14th, 2009 @ 08:16 am 19 weeks with nothing to say?
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It's been a long time...but unfortunately I don't have a lot to say. After my last semester at college ended I visited Gabby and got back into WoW (as if there were ever any doubt of this happening; no one quits WoW).

Things are a bit hectic now. I'm trying to balance my schedule between University, WoW, the love of my life, and other erroneous things. It's...tricky, to say the least. But I think I'm managing okay.

Family friend died, leaving me with the house alone unexpectedly. Meaning I have to take the car to University today, otherwise I won't be able to quickly make it back and forth between the house and the campus in order to check up on the oh-so-lonesome-and-destructive dogs. Grrrr.

Here's hoping this day ends up okay.

Oh, and Dragonheart? Yeah, it's almost done. Don't worry.
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